How to Subscribe to this Calendar

If you have calendar software that allows you to subscribe to additional calendars via a url, then you may subscribe to one or more of our calendars by RIGHT-clicking on any of the following and then copying the link:

Council, Beautification, Borough Holiday, HARB, Personnel, Planning, Property, Recycling Pickup, Sewer, Streets, Technology, Trash Pickup, Water

To find specific instructions for adding a calendar to your device or software, you could search the Internet using your device type or software as part of the search phrase. Use phrases such as "subscribe to ics calendar on iphone", "subscribe to ics calendar on android", "subscribe to ics calendar on ipad" or "subscribe to ics calendar in outlook". After you subscribe to a calendar, then events that are added to that calendar by us will automatically appear on your subscribed calendar. Note, however, that your calendar software might take several days to update your calendar with event changes.