Any proposed activity that uses land on a permanent or semi-permanent basis within the Mercersburg Borough limits must be properly permitted. In Pennsylvania, the regulation of land use and the administration of the Pennsylvania Building Code are both delegated to local governments (boroughs, townships, and cities). While land use permitting is almost always administered by the local government, in smaller local governments, administration of the Pennsylvania Building Code is typically undertaken by organizations designated by local governments as the official enforcement organization for the local government.

Land Use

Mercersburg Borough staff handle the permitting and enforcement of the Borough's Subdivision and Land Use Ordinance.

Building Code Enforcement

The Borough of Mercersburg has designated PA Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA) as the Pennsylvania Building Code permitting and enforcement entity within the Borough.

Types of Permits Required

For construction activity, permitting typically includes obtaining two permits before work is undertaken:

  • Land Use Permit from the Borough in compliance with the Borough's Subdivision and Land Use Ordinance
  • Building Permit from PA Municipal Code Alliance in compliance with the Pennsylvania Building Code (see PMCA's Permit Applications page for printable versions of various types of Building Permit applications as well as instructions on the PA Building Code permitting process)

In addition to the Borough's Land Use Permit, other Borough permits may be necessary depending upon the type of construction activity that is proposed (for example, sidewalk or curb work requires an additional Borough permit). See the Borough's collection of Application Forms to find a printable version of the Application for Land Use Permit as well as other permit applications that might be needed for your project.

Historic District

Activities that take place within the Mercersburg Borough Historic District and which propose changes to the exterior of buildings within the district must follow the Mercersburg Design Guide for Maintaining and Rehabilitating Buildings in the Mercersburg Historic District. See the Mercersburg Historic District page for more information.


Any proposed land use or construction activity within the Mercersburg Borough limits must meet the requirements of the Borough's Zoning Ordinance. Also see the Borough's official Zoning Map:

Zoning Map