The Mercersburg Water Authority routinely monitors the conditions at the treatment facility and distribution system. On January 15, 2024, as a result of the recent inclement weather the Mercersburg Water Treatment Facility experienced mechanical equipment failures which has resulted in the reduction of produced drinking water. As a result, the level within the water storage tank has been reduced and the Mercersburg Water Authority is issuing a MANDATORY CONSERVATION NOTICE for all Mercersburg Water customers which requires you as a consumer to take the following actions.

MANDATORY CONSERVATION NOTICE - Effective immediately the Mercersburg Water Authority is implementing mandatory water conservation measures for all customers served by the Mercersburg water system. Mercersburg Water Authority is permitted to impose water use restrictions on its customers under the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Regulation at 52 Pa. Code § 65.11(a). These use restrictions will continue until the Mercersburg Water Authority provides notice that the mandatory water conservation has been lifted. Mercersburg Water Authority has determined that mandatory water conservation is needed at this time in order to protect the integrity of the Mercersburg Water Authority supply and distribution system because the Authority is experiencing a short-term supply shortage (total available water supply is not enough to meet maximum system demand) due to the recent inclement weather and mechanical equipment failure at the plant. If use restrictions are not put in place immediately, the result could be a lowering of pressure or a loss of water to customers. While mandatory water conservation is in place, all Mercersburg Water customers are required to eliminate nonessential uses of water, which include the following:

► The use of hoses, sprinklers or other means for sprinkling or watering of shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers or other vegetation.

► The use of water for washing automobiles, trucks, trailers, trailer houses or other type of mobile equipment.

► The washing of streets, driveways, parking lots, service station aprons, office buildings, exterior of homes, sidewalks, apartments or other outdoor surfaces.

► The operation of an ornamental fountain or other structures making a similar use of water.

► The use of water for filling swimming or wading pools.

► The operation of water-cooled comfort air conditioning which does not have water-conserving equipment.

► The use of water from fire hydrants for construction purposes or fire drills.

► The use of water to flush a wastewater line or wastewater manhole.

► The use of water for commercial farms and nurseries other than a bare minimum to preserve plants, crops and livestock.

Mercersburg Water Authority will lift the water use restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so. The Authority greatly appreciates and anticipates that each customer will comply with the use restrictions identified above so that all of the Authority’s customers will continue to receive safe, adequate and reliable water service.

For more information about this public notice, visit our website at or call Matilda Gorman, Borough Secretary at (717) 328-3116.

We will be sending another message when the problem is corrected. Thank you again for your prompt attention to this matter.