The following Street Light Outages have been reported to West Penn Power - Please contact The Borough Office, if you have an outage, I will be following up weekly with updates - Thank you.

01.19.2023 - Ticket Number # 353232808

  1. Linden Ave - Pole # 1015874
  2. E. Fairview & Linden Ave - W41767
  3. Seminary Street Ext (Elementary School). -W41898
  4. Oregon Street - (Apex) Pole - W41953, W41954, W41955, W41956
  5. Seminary Street - (Academy Hill - W41722), Seminary Street (Star Théâtre W41891)
  6. N. Fayette St & Hitching Post Alley - W41928
  7. Church Street - (Church Parking Lot) W41906
  8. Loudon Road (Family Dentistry) - Pole # A-2885076

10. McKinstry Alley - 1051622

11. Fort Loudon Road (Fairview Cemetry) Pole # 721760

12. Park Street (Lininger-Fries Parking Lot) W-42019

Water Authority Vacancy


The Borough Office is currently soliciting letters of interest to fill a vacancy on the Mercersburg Water Authority,

Any persons interested in serving on the authority must be a Mercersburg Borough resident.

Please send letters of interest to the Borough Office at 113 South Main Street, Mercersburg Pa 17236 no later than 4:00 pm, February 10, 2023. For more information, please contact the Borough Office at 717-328-3116.

Melissa Price

Borough Manager